Aggieland Safari – A Fun Day Trip

Aggieland Safari - A Fun Day Trip

Aggieland Safari is a super cool drive thru safari located outside of the Bryan / College Station, TX area. It is a fun day trip to take from Houston. You can get up close and personal with all sorts of animals like emus, ostriches, bison, and more all right from your car!

Aggieland Safari also sports the nickname, The Serengeti Of The South. You can see and feed animals right from your car on their 250 acre property. There is also a really cool walk up section with otters, an aviary, warthogs, hippos, a gift shop and more.

Aggieland Safari is located at 18075 FM974 Bryan, TX 77808.

Aggieland Safari

Before you go

The main thing you should do before you go is to check the weather. If there is rainy or other inclement weather, the park will be closed for the safety of the animals and guests.

Be sure to check their official website for tickets. Sometimes buying tickets directly from their website is less expensive than buying them on the spot.

Best time to go

The best time to go would be on a weekday. If you go during the weekend, be sure to get there early. The later you arrive and the more people that go through means that the animals are less likely to be hungry. If you can’t manage to go any other time than a high peak time, don’t worry! There is still plenty of fun to be had since they also have a ton of walk around exhibits and a big playground for kids.

Drive thru

Aggieland Safari in Bryan, TX

I would recommend not going too crazy with the feed. At this safari, you are not allowed to feed animals from your hand or the bucket. Instead, you throw the feed towards them. It is still a lot of fun but I wouldn’t buy too much feed unless the park is pretty empty. The animals get super close to your car which is really cool to see.

Aggieland Safari

Walk around exhibits

We really enjoyed the walk around exhibits at Aggieland Safari. There were so many cool things to see including a hippo, warthogs, an aviary, otters, and more! It was really nice to get out and stretch our legs and see everything.

The otters were so friendly and talkative. They were one of my son’s favorites!

Checking out the otters

You can also purchase lettuce to feed the giraffes and the tortoises from the gift shop which is a ton of fun!

Aggieland Safari
Birds at the drive thru safari in college station

Things to bring

Some things you might want to bring to Aggieland Safari are snacks or a lunch (for humans, not the animals of course), lots of water, and antibacterial wet wipes for after you handle the feed bag.

Also, be sure to bring your phone or camera so you can take lots of pictures. Although this is a drive thru safari, there is a huge section to walk around so wear comfortable shoes too.

Other Tips

Aggieland is a fun day trip from Houston and a great place for kids to see lots of animals. I would say to plan to spend at least 1.5 hours there if not longer. You could easily spend three or four hours there if you wanted to go slow, bring your lunch and eat it there, and then let your kids play on their playground (which was super nice)! You can also go through the drive thru part as many times as you’d like. It would also make a fantastic homeschooling field trip or you could combine it with a few other activities in the area for a fun weekend getaway.

It is seriously a really cool adventure. I didn’t post all the pictures I took because I don’t want to spoil the adventure for you guys if you decide to visit. There is a lot to see.

For more information be sure to check their official website and their Facebook page.

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I am in no way affiliated with Aggieland Safari, all opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. This looks fun. Im in NC and we have a similar place here. We went a few weeks ago and had a great time. Thanks for sharing these tips

  2. How long has this been open? I went to Texas A&M in 1999-2001, and have never heard of this. My kids would love to go here if we ever make it back to the B/CS area.

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