Pinterest Group Boards for Food Bloggers

Do you know what Pinterest group boards are? They are a great resource to drive huge amounts of traffic to your blog and gain new Pinterest followers. They are also a great way to collaborate with other bloggers!

If you are a blogger and want to grow traffic to your site, Pinterest is an amazing and super effective way to do so. There are all kinds of great Pinterest tips out there but one of the best tips is to join and be active in Pinterest group boards.

Pinterest group boards are seriously great for giving you a larger reach to more followers and different followers, especially for food and recipe bloggers! Your pins can easily reach the followers of the other group board members. How cool is that?

Group Board Etiquette

To get the most out of your Pinterest group board experience I suggest having good group board etiquette. Group board owners can easily kick you out for being a jerk! You definitely don’t want that after going through all the trouble of finding open group boards to join. Plus, being a jerk is a bad idea in general!

Some tips and etiquette for joining and participating in Pinterest group boards:

  • Follow the group board owner. (hint: they can’t add you as easily if you’re not following them)
  • Repin every time you leave pin.
  • Be active!
  • Don’t be a spammer. (C’mon, no one likes a spammer)
  • Only pin quality vertical images.
  • Pin great, relevant content to the boards.

Open Recipe and Food Related Group Boards

Are you tired of searching, emailing, and hearing zilch back? Well, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve listed four Pinterest group boards that are open and accepting new members. Simply click on the mentioned links and follow the instructions on how to join the board! Like I said above, be sure to follow the group board owner so that they can easily add you to the board.

Weeknight Recipes Group Board

Who doesn’t love a good weeknight recipe? So if you have quick recipes, then join the above group board to share away!

Crockpot Recipes

I think everyone knows that I, personally LOVE using my crockpot to cook. It is seriously the only way dinner gets cooked in my house since I have two very small children who seem to lose their minds every time I try to cook! Using your crockpot or slow cooker is so incredibly convenient! Slow cooker and crockpot recipes are also a super popular search keyword.

Chicken Recipes Group Board

Did you know that chicken recipes are one of the most commonly searched for recipes on Pinterest? Join the above group board and start sharing all your best chicken recipes today.

Best Budget Family Dinners

This is Pinterest group board is a collection of fast and easy budget friendly meals. These recipes are perfect for busy weeknight dinners. Recipes include crockpot/slow cooker, casseroles, stove top, store bought meals and more. These recipes will be family favorites! Click on the link above to join.


Another great resource for finding Pinterest group boards is PinGroupie. PinGroupie is an easy to use website to list any group boards you own. Also, their website is so easy to use when you’re searching for group boards to join. Further more, I love that you can filter by date so that you know the group board is current.

More than Pinterest

Want to expand your social media reach beyond just Pinterest? You should consider joining these Facebook groups that are related to cooking and recipes!

Take a Recipe and Leave a Recipe

Slow Cooker and Crock-pot Recipes

Easy Dinners for Dads & Families

If you have any open group boards on Pinterest you’d like me to include be sure to comment below. Happy blogging!

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