Creamy Green Avocado Dip

Creamy Green Avocado Dip

This creamy green avocado dip is so easy to make. It is sure to be a hit as a side for Taco Tuesday or for your next potluck. This dip goes really well with anything Tex-mex or is great if you’re just craving something to snack on.

The avocados in this recipe make this dip so creamy. I love to make this dip whenever my local store has a sale on avocados. I especially love to make this dip for game nights or Superbowl parties.


2 large avocados
1/2 jar of salsa verde (about 8 ounces)
1 container of sour cream (16 ounces)
The juice of two limes
1 teaspoon garlic salt
1 teaspoon onion powder

To make:

To make the dip, begin by peeling and removing the seeds from your avocados. Mash them and then mix in the sour cream with a hand mixer. Once everything is smooth, add the salsa verde and stir by hand. You can add more or less salsa depending on how spicy you like your dip. I found half a jar wasn’t overly spicy. Next, add the lime juice, garlic salt, and onion powder and stir with a large spoon. Serve with tortilla chips.

I hope you enjoy this creamy green avocado dip recipe. My family and I love it! If you need even more recipes, be sure to check out our Take a Recipe and Leave a Recipe group on Facebook!

2 thoughts on “Creamy Green Avocado Dip”

  1. Lynsie Seawright

    This was so good! We made it today and were very pleased. The kids even love it. I think it would be amazing in a layered dip with beans and shredded cheese, etc. Thanks for the great recipe!

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