Is Lululemon worth it?

Is Lululemon worth it?

Before I share with you if Lululemon is worth it, I have a confession to make. I have always been a gym rat. There have only been a few times in my life when I wasn’t. For example, when I was working a crazy schedule at one job or right after I had both of my children, I didn’t work out that much. Beyond those handful of times, I have always found it good for my physical and mental health to go to the gym.

Now that I’m a mom, I basically live in active wear. Yup, I’m that stereotypical mom in black leggings and sneakers every day. Add the mom bun and I know I’m totally cliche! But in all seriousness, sometimes I’m running after my toddler or we’re up and down a lot from playing on the floor. Athletic wear is a million times more comfortable than practically every other clothing option out there.

Our local gym has been an awesome resource since having my second child. To be totally honest, it hasn’t always been easy getting there or even going to work out once we’re there. My youngest, went through a phase where she HATED going. Ultimately, the gym daycare wasn’t doing anything wrong. It’s was just an attachment phase that some babies go through. She would get so upset that she would throw up! Yes, throw up! She did not want me to leave her.

We had to just keep going. Sometimes I would only get to work out ten minutes, eight minutes, or even just five minutes before the gym’s daycare would call me. It was a really hard phase for her. It was also hard on me and my oldest because the gym is such a great place to go when it’s summer in Texas. My son is always excited to go to the gym! They have a bunch of toys he doesn’t have at home and he plays with his little toddler friends.

When my son was my daughter’s age, he was used to my good friend watching him while we packed to move to Canada, going to our church’s nursery, and my neighbor watching him once a week so I could mow our yard. Although it wasn’t a huge amount of time, he was used to being with someone besides me at times.

My daughter on the other hand didn’t get this kind of exposure when she was my son’s age. We moved from Houston to Canada back to a suburb in Houston all in the matter of a year. The church we go to now has a “cry room.” So instead of dropping her off at the childcare we go to a special room with toys for babies and toddlers and watch the service on a TV screen with other parents and their babies.

My husband travels a lot for work and we don’t have a lot of family close by to help us. My daughter just wasn’t used to being with anyone else but me. It’s hard to be a baby! We tried the gym but with her being so upset, it was hard. So to switch things up, we started taking a lot of stroller walks. For a while, we were walking almost every day but like I said we live in Texas. It’s hot, y’all!

My daughter has passed the phase where she hates the gym. She now cries when we leave. Being a mom is crazy sometimes!

I needed some quality workout gear

For years, I was shocked by the price of Lululemon. Who would pay that much for a pair of leggings?! Is Lululemon worth it?

After wearing cheap non-breathable athletic wear that pilled and came apart after a few washes, I finally decided to take the plunge and buy some nicer workout clothes. I figured I was walking, taking the kids to the park, or trying to go to the gym every day so why not try Lululemon out? As a mom, you come last a lot of the time so when it was in our budget I decided to splurge and go get some new gear.

The less expensive workout clothes I had been getting just weren’t holding up through so much wear and so many washes.  I kept having to buy workout pants it was absolutely crazy. I would wash them on a delicate cycle on cold and hang to drive but they just wouldn’t last. So even if they were $20 or less, I kept having to buy new clothes! It was ridiculous. I decided why not give Lululemon a try and see if they would last longer.

After my first pair, I was hooked. Let me tell you my experience with them to help answer if Lululemon is worth it or not.L

They suck you in

As I mentioned, I am a very active person but after three pregnancies and two babies in three years my body has changed a lot. One pair that I love is the “Speed Up” leggings. I love that these pants help camouflage my love handles. They are extremely durable too.

They last

I always wash on delicate, in cold water, and hang to dry. I feel like Lululemon is very durable. Swiftly is another one of my favorite products from Lululemon, I own several of these shirts and they have lasted through many workouts, walks outside in the Texas heat, taking my kids to the playground, and just general wear. The same with all of my Lululemon leggings, they have lasted way longer than any other brand I have owned.

Buttery soft

Another style I love is the Align pant. They are a great pant for yoga, lounging, stretching, or leisurely walking. They are so comfortable! If I could I would own twenty pairs of these and only wear these. If you are yoga enthusiast, these are a great investment.

They’re breathable

So, like I mentioned it gets very hot here in Texas. In the spring and summer, you basically go outside for about thirty seconds and start sweating. Houston is humid, y’all! I love that Lululemon products are so breathable. It is so important when you’re really in the zone during your workout to be comfortable or if you’re standing outside in Texas for more than thirty seconds!

They’re cute

Remember that old saying, when you look good, you feel good? I totally believe in this! When you wear quality pieces it can really boost your self-confidence. If you’re like me and your body has changed some over the past few years, it’s great to have nice workout clothes. It gives me the motivation to work out more!

The verdict

So do I think Lululemon is worth it? Yes, I do! If you work out a lot or are very active. Like I said, I also feel like wearing nice workout clothes gives me the motivation to work out more.

They’re expensive but I do think Lululemon is a good investment for your wardrobe. So if you can afford it, go for it!

If you are like me and watching your pennies, be sure to check out my post on how to get Lululemon for less!

Do you own any Lululemon items? If so, what do you think? Is Lululemon worth it? Let us know your thoughts and comment below!

Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with Lululemon. This is my personal opinion and experience.

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Is lululemon worth it?

5 thoughts on “Is Lululemon worth it?”

  1. I wish I could be a gym rat. do exercise at home though and am obsessed with workout wear. They are my next best favourite clothing after jeans. Lululemon sounds great. Will have a squiz and see if I can try it out. Thanks for the recommendation.

  2. I may have to try them after reading this. I have been hesitant because of the cost, but if it lasts even twice as long as the cheap stuff, it’s worth it. Thank you for an actual honest review.

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