Creative Ways to Use Your Spare Change

What to do with your spare change

I have to admit that I don’t always carry a ton of cash with me but after selling some furniture on Letgo, I found myself with a couple hundred dollars in cash! It was awesome to be able to buy everything with cash for a few months but it wasn’t long before the coins started to pile up in my purse and soon after that I swear my shoulder was getting achy from carrying all the extra weight around. I kid, I kid but I really wasn’t sure what to do with it all besides put it in a jar. Rolling it and taking it to the bank seemed daunting too. I decided to get creative and found a way to use all those loose coins! I want to share some ideas for what to do with your spare change.

Change dispenser at a store

1. Use the self checkout option at the store

Yup, you can put the change right into the self checkout machine and it’ll happily take it. I did this when there wasn’t a huge line of people waiting to checkout and was able to unload all of the change in my wallet and the pay the remaining balance with my credit card.

What to do with spare change

2. Coinstar

I know what you’re thinking, doesn’t Coinstar take a big cut from your change? Well, they do but now select machines offer e-gift cards to stores such as Amazon, BestBuy, Starbucks, and more. The best part of the e-gift card feature is that you keep your entire balance when you select the e-gift card option. I ended up doing this with the plethora of change my husband was hoarding in his car. He ended up having $10 of change just sitting around which I turned into a Starbucks gift card which allowed us to have a fun coffee date together.

3. Sonic

Why not grab a cool and refreshing Sonic drink? They have a daily happy hour where most of their drinks are half off! Check out this big list of Sonic drinks to help you decide what to get!

4. Car wash

Why not give your car a good vacuum or wash with the quarters in your spare change?

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what to do with your spare change

what to do with your spare change

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