Why I’m Happy with a Moissanite Engagement Ring

Moissanite Engagement Ring

Are you thinking about getting a moissanite engagement ring? My now husband was really surprised when I mentioned to him that I definitely did not want a diamond. Whether you want to save money or morally opposed to diamonds I want to tell you why I’m super happy with my moissanite engagement ring.

My Personal Belief

Before I talk about moissanite I want to talk about a question people often ask me; how can I be passionate about both thrifting and fair trade? One is a bargain and one is usually costly. My answer is that both really make me think about what I’m buying.

I see so many things in thrift stores that people paid quite a lot of money for that are now sitting around for a fraction of their original retail price. It has definitely made me less materialistic and less likely to go after the latest trends.

Fair trade also really makes me think about what I’m purchasing and what effect it will have on the world. Well, the same goes for diamonds. Again, this is just my personal belief and I know that not everyone sees the world this way. Everyone has to do what they feel is right in their heart and what they will be happy with.

The 2006 movie, Blood Diamond starring Leonardo DiCaprio isn’t just a movie. You may vaguely remember it but the point is people are often abused and exploited to obtain these shiny rocks. The Last Empire: De Beers, Diamonds, and the World by Stefan Kanfer and Blood Diamonds: Tracing the Deadly Path of the World’s Most Precious Stones by Greg Campbell are two excellent reads I recommend if you want to learn more about the diamond industry.

The Investment

Have you ever been to a pawn shop? I would say just in my area of town there are at least ten pawn shops all of which have a plethora of diamond jewelry that perhaps once symbolized love and commitment or possibly the previous owner just fell on hard times. My point is diamonds are not rare. I kind of think they’re like buying a new car, once you leave the store you’ve lost 10% of its value or more. For me, moissanite was a much less expensive option and made more sense economically. Besides, being able to pay for my wedding, buying a home, and being financial stable are way more important to me than what kind of rock is in my ring.

Moissanite Appearance

Moissanite is one of the hardest substances on Earth receiving a score of 9.25 on the Mohs scale, compared to a 10 for diamond. Since moissanite is made in a lab there is better quality control resulting in a brilliant gemstone. Moissanite is shiny and beautiful.

Here’s a close up of my ring. It’s a solitaire by Charles & Colvard, who are the leaders in the world of all things moissanite.
Moissanite engagement ring

When me and my husband were picking our wedding bands, the jeweler offered to clean my ring for me and even then he didn’t know it was moissanite!

Do I Tell People That its Moissanite?

Well, to be honest no one can tell the difference. I love my sparkly, shiny ring which is all I really wanted (which is why I’m happy with my moissanite engagement ring). Of course, I tell people its moissanite. I have nothing to hide. Although no one has ever asked if it’s real or fake, I do make it point to bring up if someone comments on my ring. A conversation usually goes something like:

Stranger: “Oh, I love your ring!”

Me: “Thank you, I do too! Its actually a moissanite ring.”

Stranger: “Oh, it’s very nice.”

I usually leave it at that unless they question further since it is a personal view of mine and it is a controversial topic. I don’t want anyone to feel bad about their diamond jewelry if they feel it was the right choice for them. For me, a moissanite engagement ring was the right choice. My moissanite engagement ring is brilliant, beautiful, and no one had to suffer for my husband and I to symbolize our love.

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  1. You’re ring is beautiful! MY ring is a radiant diamond which isn’t rare, diamonds aren’t like your artificial says. But a more unique not so chosen cut or it wasn’t when I got it (had to be sent to Washington from Texas) but I love it and will cherish it forever!

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