Our New Family Christmas Tradition

Our New Family Christmas Tradition
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This year we decided to start a new Christmas tradition with Holt International* . We bought a cow for a family in a developing country and then bought our children stuffed cows. Each year we can pick the animal(s) we would like to donate together and then talk about that animal, the country of the recipients, how it will bring a positive impact to the community of the recipients, and most importantly the importance of giving to others and loving others on Christmas.

We decided to donate through Holt International because that is who we are interested in using as an adoption service when we’re ready, if there is still a need for adoptive parents.

We decided to pick a cow this year. According to Holt International a cow can provide all kinds of benefits:

A cow’s milk, fertilizer and calves can quickly strengthen a family’s financial stability and help them escape hunger for good. Livestock is so valuable in places like Cambodia, India and Vietnam that investing in a cow is like opening a savings account for a family and making a deposit!

Luckily, we’ve also had some experience with cows and other farm animals when we have visited grandma and grandpa’s house!

The only thing I’d like to do differently next year is to find fair trade stuffed animals or toy animals from a local small business. But alas, with a two year old and an almost one year old we had to Amazon prime it this year. With small children, things aren’t always perfect but I’m glad we were able to start the tradition. I really hope to teach my children the importance of giving.

Not a cow person? That’s OK! When you donate through Holt International, there are a lot of animals to pick from including chickens, goats, pigs, donkeys and more, so if your child has a favorite animal you could definitely pick that one. They also have all sorts of other giving options such as blankets for orphanages, new mother packages, winter coats, library books, sewing kits, and more which would make the perfect gift for that difficult to buy for person.

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New Christmas tradition with holt international

*All thoughts and opinions are my own and I am in no way affiliated with Holt International.

5 thoughts on “Our New Family Christmas Tradition”

  1. What a lovely tradition! There are so many countries where people really struggle, including Serbia where I live now. True, the country has recovered from NATO bombardments but old people in villages could do with help. After all, their pensions are only about $100.

  2. I LOVE this tradition you’re starting! My parents did this last year in honor of each of their grandkids, and I think it’s a wonderful way to give. We all have so much, so we love pay it forward gifts ?

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