How to Get FREE Audiobooks and E-books

How to Get FREE E-books and Audiobooks

How to Get FREE Audiobooks and E-books

Listening and reading free audiobooks and e-books has been a lifesaver to me since I’ve become a stay at home mom. Let’s face it, wiping bottoms and doing the laundry isn’t the most mentally stimulating work so listening to a good audiobook helps me learn new things or helps to keep my mind occupied.

When my son was younger and in his cuddly phase, I loved being able to download a good e-book on my phone so that I could read with one hand while he slept or ate! I know listening to audiobooks while driving to do errands or browsing and e-book while passing time waiting for appointments can also help to break up the monotony of things. I’ve been very fortunate to find these resources and I hope you’ll find them useful as well!



I believe the Libby app (by Overdrive) is one of the most underrated apps out there and it’s completely free! Libby is great if you’d like to download an e-book or audiobook to your phone. And yes, it’s completely free. In order to use Libby, you do need a library card, but I will say it is getting easier to get a library card online at some libraries. I know where I live (in Houston, Texas), I was able to apply for a library card online as long as I had a Houston address on my driver’s license. If not, it’s definitely worth the trip to your local library to sign up. I’ve been able to read or listen to tons of popular books such as Girl Wash Your Face, Orphan Train, The Girl on the Train, and many more.



Overdrive is another great app to download and start checking out books through your local library. It is the classic app (Libby was developed by the same creators as Overdrive but came after) and is more compatible with devices such as your Kindle, tablet or PC. It offers the same selection as Libby but might be easier to navigating if you’re using a device besides your phone.



There are two types of books on YouTube those that violate copyright laws but there is also a huge number of public domain works. I personally, try to steer clear of anything that may be illegal (copyright infringement for example) but there’s nothing to worry about with public domain works. If you don’t know what a public domain work is, it is usually a book that’s copyright has expired (about a 100 years). I personally think classics are great but feel free to try out a few and decide for yourself.



This one is for the kids! Storynory provides free children’s audio stories through their website and their target audience is 7 to 11 year olds.


Free Trial of Audible

As much as I love audiobooks, I still think Audible isn’t worth the membership fee but if there is a book you really want to listen to, it might be worth the free trial!


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how to get free audiobooks
how to get free audiobooks

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  1. Youtube is such a good idea! I didn’t even think of that. I have recently got into audiobooks and podcasts now that I am home with my little baby so this was super helpful. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Katie Frazier

    Thank you for sharing! I love to listen to audiobooks when I’m in the car or doing housework!

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