How to get out of the house with two under two

How to get out of the house with two under two

Going any where with two under two can take a lot of planning. It can already be chaotic enough at home but throwing in the whole outside of the house thing can really be killer. I’m a two under two survivor and these are my best tips for how to get out of the house with two under two.

If you’re in the middle of two under two it can seem overwhelming to go any where. Honestly, when I was in the midst of two under two and my youngest was very young we didn’t go many places. As she got a little older, I got braver and we started to get out of the house more. I stuck to super kid friendly places and it helped a lot.

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Safety with two under two

Safety was extremely important to me when I was a mom of two under two. There’s only one of you and two of them. For that reason I had to skip a lot of things that maybe moms of just one child or moms with a bigger age gap wouldn’t have had to. It sucked but if I didn’t feel confident that I could handle both kids wherever we were going I would politely decline.

Safety is an important consideration for moms of two under two. I strongly suggest just going at your pace and do what you feel comfortable doing.


Going to the park was a great way for us to get out of the house. We are lucky that we live near a small park that is friendly for toddlers. If you can find a park that is geared towards toddlers and younger children in your area it will help to save your sanity so much.

I found it easy to load both kids up in our BOB stroller and walk to the park. Our double BOB was a very big investment but I felt like it was very worth it. I talk more about in my post called Is a BOB stroller worth it? We also went on a lot of walks (and still do). It was a great way to get out of the house and get some fresh air.

Grocery Shopping or Target

I actually wrote an entire post on how to grocery shop with two under two but if you just want the main takeaways:

  • Wear your youngest and put your oldest in the cart
  • Wear both of your babies with a double body carrier
  • Use a Buggy Bench if your youngest can sit up on their own

Visit Friends

If you have other mom friends, going to another baby proofed house is magic. Going any where that doesn’t have baby gates or electrical outlet covers can be super stressful when you have two under two.

Going to someone else’s house may not have seemed exciting before two under two but your kids will be fascinated by toys that aren’t theirs, there will be another adult for you to talk to, and you won’t have to worry about chasing after your children.

My best friend helped me a lot when my youngest was really young. I’m really thankful for her. We had lots of visits to her house and it was so good for everyone’s sanity.

If you haven’t found your mom tribe yet, I talk more in depth about how to make friends in my post called how to make mom friends and why you need them. Having mom friends when you have very young children is so incredibly important.

Host Play Dates

Sometimes, I found it easier to have friends come to me for play dates instead of venturing out. Having friends over so both you and your children can socialize is always nice.

Play Street

Play Street Museum is a great option for moms who have a baby and a toddler. I live in the suburbs of Houston and there are some amazing places to take kiddos but some of them were just too hard to navigate with two under two (at least to me).

I really love our local Play Street museum. Not only is it a lot of fun for the kiddos but it is small enough that almost wherever I’m standing I can see both my children. There is a gate, check in area, and another door which gives it some added safety.

Play Street has several different types of museums each with a different theme. The themes include: Town Square, The Farm, On The Go, Downtown, College, Design and Build, The Park, and The Great Outdoors. Our location is the Town Square theme.

Although they are not in every state they do have locations sprinkled around the US.

Play Street Museum Review
Our local Play Street Museum
Our local Play Street Museum


It is totally understandable having mixed feelings towards Chic-fil-a but I will say Chic-fil-a is super friendly to mothers. I promise my family doesn’t live on fast food but it is a nice treat to not have to cook anything. There are other options too but there is a Chic-fil-a very close to our house so I thought I’d mention it.

I would bring in my single stroller and then get my oldest a high chair. I would then use their mobile ordering and they would bring the food right to our table. It cut down on so much chaos when I was by myself with both kids. You can also check to see if your local Chic-fil-a does kids time. Ours does and it’s a lot of fun. They have made Valentine’s Day cards, painted pumpkins, and there was even a firetruck that came once. I found it by looking at my local Chick-fil-a’s Facebook page.

Kids Time at Chic-fil-a

My kids could also play around in the play place and safely burn off some energy. Our local Chic-fil-a has a very toddler friendly play area.

Play Place at Chic-fil-a

Other Tips


Snacks are always a good idea. I always liked to pack extra snacks because I had some serious mom brain due to sleep deprivation. Also, with two tiny humans sometimes snacks would get spilled or devored or forgotten. Like I said, extra snacks are always a good idea.

We love the no spill snack cups and applesauce pouches are the best for keeping in your diaper bag.

Pack extras

Extra diapers and wipes are always a good idea, especially extras for your oldest child. I found in a pickle I could always wrap a larger diaper around my youngest but no way would a tiny size 2 diaper help my size 5 toddler!

A set of extra clothes for each child in your car and maybe an extra shirt for each is also a good idea. Be sure to pack extra clothes for you too. With two under two, messes are twice as likely!

Be gentle with yourself

It is so hard to be 100% on everything as a two under two mom. Just love your kids, clean up messes, and try your best. Sometimes it’s just chaos one is crying and then the other is crying. Your house is a mess, but it’s all just temporary. Take it day by day and try to get out of the house at least a few times a week, it really is good for your sanity!

When does it get easier?!

It is so tough when you’re not getting any sleep and two tiny people are completely dependent on you. I found once my youngest could sit up on her own it started to get a lot easier. It also got exponentially easier when she started sleeping better. I would say she was around six months old when I felt like we weren’t always in survival mode.

I ordered a lot of things from Amazon Prime and did curbside groceries in the early days. It can still be tough with two that are so close in age but they are also super close. They play together and now they can mostly enjoy doing the same things and going to the same places since they’re not that far off developmentally from each other.

Final Thoughts

So are you ready to go out with two under two? What other questions do you have? If you’re a two under two survivor or a survivor of a toddler and a baby, what other helpful tips do you have for our two under two moms?

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How to get out of the house with two under two
How to get out of the house with two under two

4 thoughts on “How to get out of the house with two under two”

  1. At one point I had 2 two and under. (My oldest was 20 months when my youngest was born. Now they’re 5 and 3.5) We would go for walks, to the park, and Target, even just to look around. It really helped break up the day.

  2. Ah I remember these days. I had a 2 1/2 year old, 15 month old, and newborn. Sometimes I can’t believe I did the things that I did. I used to take them to Rite Aid multiple times a week because I was big into couponing. I would have 2 shopping carts and just push them all around the store trying to find the items I needed. Sometimes we would be at Rite Aid for an hour or two. The ladies there loved us. They loved getting to see the kids multiple times a week. Getting out and about with multiple littles can be done, just give yourself grace.

  3. Going down the memory lane. I had 4 under 7; and my youngest 2 were two under 2. I still can’t believe how I survived the surviving. Great blog post with useful tips.

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