How to Grocery Shop with Two Under Two

How to Grocery Shop with Two Under Two

If you are currently in the middle of two under two everything can seem a little overwhelming, even just a quick trip to the grocery store! If you’re wondering how to grocery shop with two under two, let me share my very best tips.

To be totally honest, when you have two children under the age of two there is a lot more stress. The key is to be prepared and not to get overwhelmed. My children are 15 months apart and it was pretty wild for a time. Two are more difficult than one but I’m confident that you can do this, mama!

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When your youngest is very small wearing your baby is the absolute best way to do almost everything. When they are in the sweet cuddly phase, it’s perfect to wear your youngest while your oldest sits in the cart.

My process would be to park by the cart return, quickly wipe down a cart, put my oldest in the cart, and then bring the cart over to the baby’s side of the car and place her in the carrier or wrap. I felt this was the safest way to get in and out of the store. With two little ones you can never be too careful.

When my youngest was still a very young baby, I opted for this wrap style carrier by JJ Cole. I found it to be much less of a hassle than a traditional baby wrap. It’s like a shirt and in two steps you can easily have it on and ready for baby! Saving time is a must with two under two. It was also super soft and comfortable.

I also really liked this Infantino carrier. It was so easy to take on and off unlike others I have tried. I never had a problem quickly fastening it and I carried both my children in it.

Buggy Bench

I don’t know about you, but where I live there are only a few of the double seat shopping carts at each store. Because we live in such a family friendly area there’s also a good chance that they are all gone by the time I get the kids out of the car and to the front of the store.

When both of your children are so small, the struggle is real. I found it very difficult to get both of my kids to the front of the store from the parking lot. My oldest was still too young to walk across the parking lot while I carried the baby and the diaper bag. I’m not a fan of leaving my kids in the car to go get a cart either, I always park by a cart return. You never know what could happen and it’s just not safe. Some days you may not be in baby wearing mood or maybe your baby isn’t either.

The Buggy Bench makes things so much less stressful. It has been one of my absolute favorite products for surviving two under two and beyond. I don’t have to worry about finding a double shopping cart, I can just grab whichever cart in the cart return. It is fast and easy to set up and take out.

Wear Both

What do I mean by wear both? Wear one on your back and one on your front at the same time. I actually haven’t tried this myself but my best friend did this with her two daughters. I’ve also heard of moms who have twins doing this. My best friend got lots of crazy looks and stares but as a mom who like me has a traveling husband, she had to figure out what worked best for her. If your oldest gets jealous that you wear the baby then this is also a great option.


Another tip I have for how to grocery shop with two under two is to use your double stroller. If you don’t need a ton of items, take your double stroller in. It’s seriously a lot easier than hunting down a double cart or putting on carriers sometimes. I found it easiest to bring a reusable shopping bag or grab a hand cart. I would use my stroller clips to keep it open to add items.

Snacks and Drinks

Having snacks and a cup of milk or water can really help you get through a grocery trip. Depending on how old your two under two are it could help with one or both. I always carry applesauce pouches in my diaper bag because they are so convenient.


A few toys are always a good idea to bring along. When your kids start to get bored, they start to get fussy and want out of the cart. Start them off with a toy and keep a few extra to swap out in your diaper bag.

When my daughter was really young she loved crinkle toys. I could also keep my oldest distracted a few minutes with our Scout or a toy remote.


Curbside is a great option for moms of two under two. I often wonder if the person who invented curbside grocery pick up was a parent. If you need a lot of groceries or big bulky items then curbside is definitely the way to go. Having big boxes of diapers or wipes brought right to your car is amazing.

If you haven’t tried a curbside grocery pickup, you should try it out. I was hesitant at first but I’ve found I spend a lot less money because I’m not forgetting items on my list and having to go back the store. There’s also a lot less impulse buying.

I also love curbside grocery pick up because I can just open my grocery store’s app and quickly add items to my cart throughout the week as I remember or as we run out of things. When I’m ready I can checkout and pick a date for pickup. I can also price compare to other stores more easily as well. My total is never a surprise either and I can easily adjust my cart to make sure we don’t go over instead of trying to do it all in my head.

Prime Grocery Delivery

If you are an Amazon prime member you can get free delivery on groceries and household essentials from Whole Foods Market (in select US cities, minimum cart balance applies). I’m a huge fan of Whole Foods although we don’t exclusively shop there. We have a few favorites we like to buy there and it’s nice to have our grocery shopping done for us sometimes so we use this service occasionally. This was especially great when I was alone with a newborn and a 15 month old. I’ve also used it when everyone in our house fell sick and it was a lifesaver.

Not an Amazon prime member? You can try prime for free using the link below. Prime has been an amazing purchase for our family. There are so many awesome benefits. I love having our Honest Co diapers on subscribe and save too!

Other tips

One huge tip I have for all the two under two mamas out there is to invest in a backpack diaper bag. That really cute diaper bag that you see moms of one carrying might be fashionable but it’s just not practical with two in diapers. I promise it will help a ton.

Another tip for how to grocery shop with two under two is to have a list and a plan. You can download my free weekly meal plan menu here. The days of wandering down the grocery aisles trying to get inspiration are over. With two under two, your mission is to get in and out as quickly as possible.

Another tip I have for how to grocery shop with two under two is to do two shorter shopping trips a week (if you do weekly shopping) instead of one long trip. I’ve also found it easier to do curbside pick up or delivery for groceries then take both the kids to the store later in the week for fresh fruit and vegetables when we run low.

Don’t stress. I have spilled blueberries all over the grocery store floor, my son once grabbed a potato and took a bite out of it, my daughter cried and screamed when a kind older lady said she was a pretty baby. I’ve been there. I just focused on getting in and out as quickly as possible. Give yourself a lot of grace in this season. Not everyone will understand, even though some of your friends may be parents too, their children probably aren’t as close in age as yours. It is a crazy wild ride that only two under two survivors can relate to.

A woman from my church told me her children were fourteen months apart (they’re grown now) but she says she barely remembers the first three years. She laughed about at the time and her best advice was to enjoy the crazy ride because they grow up too fast. Grace is the best gift we can give ourselves during this season.

Are you in the middle of two under two? I’d love to hear your best tips for how to grocery shop with two under two. Be sure to leave a comment below.

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How to Grocery Shop with Two Under Two
How to Grocery Shop with Two Under Two

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  1. Awesome tips! I never had two under two, but I’ll have two just two years apart this fall! I definitely plan on wearing the new baby and as always, bringing tons of snacks to occupy my son! Those snack cups are our favorites!

  2. I 100% do not bother with groceries now that I have 3 under 3.5 LOL but when it was 2 under 2 – baby wearing was a LIFE SAVER! And snacks! Can never forget the snacks! Haha! These are great tips 🙂

  3. My two are 20 months apart so I feel this post!! Usually I would wear the baby and put my toddler in the stroller, bonus if I could find a fun car cart!!

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