How to Prepare for Two Under Two

How to Prepare for Two Under Two

Two under two seems pretty scary but it honestly wasn’t as a bad as I thought. I certainty don’t want to take away from the fact that it was hard but it was doable. This post on how to prepare for two under two will help you on your wild ride through motherhood with two children under the age of two!

Preparation really is key. The more you prepare and plan the easier the transition will be. My children are 15 months apart and I want to share with you some things that helped me and may help other two under two moms out there.

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Plan where your oldest will stay while you deliver

I’ve had a pretty crazy life since becoming a mother. Right before I had my first child I tore a ligament in my leg. I couldn’t walk without crutches and I was on bed rest. Then my son had a NICU stay and the next few months were a blur since had had colic. When he was around six months old, we started to get in a good groove but then my husband’s job transferred us to Canada! I had to make a move with an eight month old while pregnant. We finally got settled into our tiny corporate apartment only to be told the project was being cancelled and we were going back to Texas. It was a wild ride, y’all!

I have to admit I was really relieved when we moved back to Texas even after all the hard work we went through to move to Canada. I had been really worried about where my son would stay while I gave birth to my daughter or if my mom would be able to fly up if I gave birth early.

Figuring out where your oldest will stay while you deliver your baby is really important. If you have friends or family to watch your oldest child while you’re in the hospital or birthing center then that’s great! I had begun looking for a doula or nanny to help us while we were in Canada and it was overwhelming. Don’t put this part off and be sure to tackle this really important detail, especially if you don’t have family or friends to help.

A trial run for a night may also be a great idea so your oldest can be comfortable for a night or two while you’re at the hospital.

Pack a bag for your oldest when you pack your hospital bag

While we’re on the topic, I’m a firm believer in being prepared and I’m also a firm believer that you never know when baby will come. Both of my babies came a little early, my first at 38 weeks and my second at 36 weeks. With my first, I also was placed on bedrest so preparation really is key! You never know what will happen.

Pack your oldest child’s bag with clothes, diapers, wipes, snacks, sippy cups, and everything they need so you can grab it and go if needed. Including a new toy or some favorite toys and books may also be a good idea.

Crockpot & freezer meals

It can be really challenging to cook with two under two. When my youngest was a newborn the only way we had dinner was if it was a crockpot meal, freezer meal, peanut butter and jelly sandwich or takeout. It was tough.

If you need some ideas for your crockpot then be sure to check this big list of easy and delicious crockpot recipes here or be sure to join the slow cooker and crockpot recipe group on Facebook.

I also made a big batch of baked spaghetti squash and meatballs to put in our freezer. It’s a great filling meal with a few less calories than regular pasta.

Books about siblings

Reading is always a great activity to do with your child. Reading books on having a sibling might help better prepare your child for the transition that is going to happen. I tried to read a few books about having a sibling or a new baby in the house to my son each day.

Baby Doll

I’m so glad I got my son a baby doll before my daughter was born. I was really worried because the first thing he did when he saw it was throw it on the ground. Yikes! Luckily, I was able to work with him on being very gentle. I also held the baby doll a lot to see if he noticed or got jealous. We used it to talk about how a new baby was coming soon.

I have a friend who has a three year old and is due with her second child very soon. I noticed that her daughter got very jealous when my friend held my daughter and screamed, “that’s my mommy!” Toddler jealousy is so very real and I know my friend is a great mom who can work through it once baby arrives. Having a baby doll to role play can be very helpful for the transition.

Diaper Genie

I never saw what the fuss was about until I had two in diapers. When I was just a mom of one I could easily take the trash out every day while my son napped. When I had two under two, the trash didn’t always go out every day! Having a Diaper Genie is a lifesaver for when you’re not getting much sleep in the newborn phase but have to keep your toddler entertained all day.


Prime is amazing for parents of two under two, especially in the beginning when you are so exhausted. It can be really hard to get out the door and make it to the store with two tiny people. I found for things like diapers and wipes subscribe and save was the way to go. If you don’t have Amazon Prime, I highly recommend considering it if you’re facing two under two.

Be gentle with yourself

Two under two can be really challenging. It was a tough season for me as a mother but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. The good thing about having two under two is that you’re really a baby pro for life after. You learn how to do everything with one hand and you just do the best you can do each day. I think I might be able to change diapers with one hand, haha!

A little preparation can go along way with two under two. I survived on just a little sleep, lots of love, and tons of coffee. You got this, mama!

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How to Prepare for Two Under Two

7 thoughts on “How to Prepare for Two Under Two”

  1. My oldest two are 20 months apart. It was challenging in some ways, but they are best friends now at 5 and 3.5. Their bond is so special!

  2. Sara - Seek Discover Learn

    My 3 oldest are each 15 months apart, so I had a 2 1/2 year old, 15 month old and newborn at the same time. My life was really hectic for awhile, but I survived and I wouldn’t change anything because they are now 11, 10 and 9 and are the best of friends.

  3. My first two were 20 months apart, I found the transition quite challenging but having those things you talk about in place definitely helped!

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