Is a BOB Stroller Worth It?

is a bob stroller worth it?
Our single BOB stroller on a hike in South Fork, Colorado

Are you thinking of buying a BOB stroller and wondering is a BOB Stroller worth it? I want to share with you my experience with BOB strollers! I actually love them so much I have two different ones.

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About the Single BOB Stroller

It wasn’t until my son was about six months old until I got my first BOB stroller. I had a really interesting start to my motherhood journey. When I was pregnant, I had pulled a ligament in my leg and was placed on bed rest. I was nine months pregnant and couldn’t walk without crutches, it was absolutely miserable. After my son was born, he was in the NICU and then had a bad case of colic. My husband was traveling a lot for work and I didn’t have any mom friends. It was a rough few months to say the least. My leg didn’t fully heal until my son was around two months old.

When my son was six months old, I was finally getting enough sleep to function and feeling better physically. I started going on walks with a neighbor I had met. This sweet neighbor of mine also had a baby just a few months older than my son. It was really good both physically and for my mental health as a mother.

Both physically moving and talking to other moms is so important. Motherhood is well, quite the journey and it shouldn’t be a journey that we do alone. Stroller walks are a great way to connect with other moms or even other neighbors who don’t have kids. I am so glad I made the investment in a good stroller.

The BOB stroller is amazing. I never understood it until I used it. They offer such a smooth ride and the quality really is topnotch.

Your everyday stroller isn’t going to cut it on a hike or after a ton of use. Using a high quality stroller like a BOB is much more comfortable for both mother and child. When I was going on daily walks with my friend, we lived in a neighborhood without side walks. We both actually had a BOB stroller which is kind of funny. I don’t think we could have gone as far on our walks without them. I also don’t think that our regular strollers would have lasted if we would have taken them on walks every day that weren’t on a sidewalk.

is a bob stroller worth it
Our single BOB stroller on a hiking trail in South Fork, Colorado

We recently took a trip to the mountains of Colorado and brought our single BOB stroller for my youngest. It was amazing!! The stroller was fantastic for hiking and even went over the rocky and uneven terrain. If you love going on hikes then this stroller is a great investment. I was amazed by how well the stroller did.

About the Double BOB Stroller

When my daughter was born, I moved to the Double BOB! If you need one, they also make a really awesome car seat adapter. I used this one that went with our Graco car seat.

When your children are both sitting up on their own, the side by side is a great feature. Both children have the same view. In my opinion, it’s easier to point things out to them and talk to them.

We are really spoiled where we live because we have a really nice State Forest with trails near us, fantastic shaded walking paths by our house, a neighborhood with sidewalks, and we are within walking distance to a grocery store, pizza place, and a Starbucks. I have used this stroller for all of these purposes! The stroller may seem really big, but I have been able to go through every door with it.

Something I’ve really enjoyed is taking my kids on a walk and wine with some friends from my local mom’s group. We all take a trail which is a three minute walk from a local pizza place that offers half priced wine on Wednesday nights. We take over their patio with babies, kids, and strollers when we go. It is seriously so much fun. We walk the trail with the kiddos in the strollers and then everyone enjoys pizza and wine.

Double bob stroller at a wine and walk
My Double BOB (on the end) hanging out with the other strollers at the walk and wine.

If you’ve visited my blog before, you may have noticed that I post a lot of homeschool preschool activities. I’m really lucky to be part of an awesome learning playdates group. It’s also awesome because one of the other members in our learning playdates group lives a ten minute walk from me. We all take turns hosting and I find it so much easier to grab our diaper bag and walk the kids over in the stroller than getting everyone in the car!

We also enjoy the nature trails at our local state forest with our double BOB. BOB strollers are designed incredibly well and can handle hikes and forest trails.

Is the bob stroller worth it?
Taking a break after walking the trails.

I also love that the double BOB, like the single BOB has a ton of storage. There’s room for extras on the bottom, two drink holders, a center storage pouch, and two mesh storage pouches. There’s also room to hold drinks and snacks by the children’s seats. There are seriously so many extra things to tote around with not only one kid, but two! The storage is a huge help.

Final Thoughts

The single BOB is a great investment and it’s definitely worth getting a double BOB for those with twins, two under two, or a baby and a toddler. I actually still use both of my BOB strollers (both the single and the double) even with two kids. I can hold my oldest child’s hand while we push his younger sister in the stroller around our neighborhood. When we are going on a longer walk or I need to literally run to the grocery store, I put them in the double stroller. I’m sure I could sell my single BOB and just use my double but I’m just not ready to let it go yet.

I wondered for a long time if a BOB stroller was worth it but after using one and experiencing how much easier pushing it around rough terrain was I was completely hooked. It really does make a huge difference for those of us who like to walk, jog, or run with a stroller.

If you are looking for a way to workout with kids then this is a great investment. Maybe, you don’t live near a gym with childcare or you aren’t comfortable leaving your child in one but want to work out. I feel like a jogging stroller is a great way to get outside and get moving with babies and toddlers.

Buying a stroller with such a big price tag is a big decision but it has totally made mommin’ easier for me. If you are on the fence, I highly recommend going for it! I use ours almost everyday, sometimes even twice a day. It’s such a great stroller for daily neighborhood strolls, jogs, and hiking.

Are you still wondering if a BOB stroller is worth it? Be sure to leave any questions or comments below!

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Is a double BOB Stroller Worth It

20 thoughts on “Is a BOB Stroller Worth It?”

  1. I’m not currently in need of a stroller but I did look at this stroller when I was pregnant with my daughter. I ended up receiving a double stroller as a gift. I heard this one is great quality though.

  2. My older 3 kids are each 15 months apart, so we desperately needed a double stroller for quite a while. Thankfully some friends of ours had outgrown their double stroller and passed theirs on to us. It probably wasn’t the one I would’ve picked out, but you can’t pass up free!

  3. caressa walker

    I only own a regular stroller but am thinking of purchasing one of these when I am pregnant with my second little one. So the one that holds two will definitely be my jam.

  4. That double BOB stroller is goals! When my two were little I lived in Germany where I had to buy a crappy double stroller and it was pretty much unusable on the cobblestone streets and sidewalks! The wagon only worked for short distances because it tweaked my shoulder dragging up steep hills. I really wish I had had something with those nice big wheels that I could push in front of me! I’m definitely sending this to my mommy-to-be sister in law as a suggestion.

  5. I really wanted a BOB stroller when my children were babies, but bought a different
    (cheaper) one instead! Should have gone with my original choice?

  6. Wow! I just read this and wanted a moms night out. I so wish I could get wine and pizza with your mom group! Lol. Also this seems like a nice stroller. I’ll need a double one soon because my husband and I are talking about trying for another baby soon!

  7. The BOB stroller is amazing ?? I can’t remember the brand we used for my son when he was a little guy, but it had nothing on the BOB! One of my closest friends (who lived in Alaska at the time with rough terrain) recommended the BOB to me, when I was suggesting products to my sister. It’s maneuverability is great while “driving” my niece around ?

  8. I looked at this stroller when I was looking for one for my newborn. I wasn’t a big fan of the price so we went with another stroller but from reading this, it definitely seems like it’s worth it!

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