Play Street Museum Review

Play Street Museum Review

Have you ever been to a Play Street museum before? As a mom of two, who has survived two under two, I absolutely love taking my children to Play Street and wanted to make a Play Street Museum review to share my experience. It is such a fun place to take your toddler to!

Our local Play Street museum is located in The Woodlands, Texas in the East Shore neighborhood. We are so lucky because our local Play Street has a free parking garage connected to the building. Although it’s not completely covered, the walk from the garage to Play Street is mostly covered so it also makes for a great rainy day activity to do with the kids.

Our Play Street here in The Woodlands is a “Town Square” museum. That’s right, there are several types of Play Street museums! If we are ever visiting near another one I would love to check out the other themes. The other types of Play Street museums include: The Farm, On The Go, Downtown, College, Design and Build, The Park, and The Great Outdoors. I’ll talk more about our theme, Town Square more later.

They have several locations in Texas including here where we live in Houston, as well as Austin, Dallas, and Lubbock. They also have locations in Missouri, Oregon, and Colorado. You can see a detailed list here and check to see if they have a location near you.

Entering the museum

Let’s start with the basics, the fee to enter Play Street is $11.50 for children aged 1 through 8. You do not have to pay for children older than 8 or younger than 1 if they are with a paying sibling. Adults also do not need to pay a fee to enter. You also receive a token to redeem for a snack or juice when leaving.

I would like to note that I personally feel that this museum is best suited for ages 1 to 4. I think children younger or older could have fun but you will see the age range from 1 to 4 enjoying the museum the most.

If it is your first visit you’ll need to fill out a waiver. You can look up your location on their website, and fill it out beforehand to make things easier. If you forget, it’s no big deal, you can do it there.

When you enter the museum you will see that there are a lot of toys for your children to play with! Play Street museum takes the approach of encouraging children to learn through play. The toys in the museum are all high quality and educational.

One reason I love taking my kids here is because it is relatively small compared with other museums in our area. I can see my children from almost any where if I’m standing which is great because they don’t always want to do the same activity. If you are a mom of multiple children, especially, a baby and a toddler then you should definitely check out Play Street.


Our Town Square play street has several small “rooms” for each child to go in. I call it a room but there is no door and like I said you can see your child from almost any where if you’re standing in the middle. There is a doctor’s office, bank, bus, trolley, house, pet shop, food truck, and grocery store. They also have a giant train table, a rotating themed activity station, blocks, arts and crafts, and more blocks! There’s probably something I’m forgetting but all in all, they have a ton for children to explore and pick from.

Your child will definitely use their imagination playing with the toys whether they want to pretend to be a school bus driver, a doctor, or pretend to work at the bank, they will be learning through play.

My son particularly loves the giant train set and he spends a good portion of each visit playing there. My daughter loves the food truck and the grocery store. I also encourage them to spend a few minutes in their rotating theme section because it is always so educational. The last time we visited they had an Amazon Rain Forest theme which was so interesting to learn about.

Play Street Museum Review
Play Street Museum The Woodlands TX
Play Street Museum The Woodlands TX
Play Street Museum The Woodlands
Play Street Museum The Woodlands TX
Play Street Museum The Woodlands TX
Play Street Museum Review
Play Street Museum The Woodlands TX


When leaving you can exchange your token for a snack or a juice, which in my opinion is super genius. I knew after our first visit when we got our snack that this museum had to have been created by a mom and it was! Play Street was founded by a mother of four. The snack helps a lot with preempting any tantrums due to leaving all the fun. It’s such a great idea that I bring snacks to use when we leave other places besides Play Street! Toddlers can have such a hard time with transitions and it helps so much.

I’m so happy to share this Play Street museum review with you. Have you ever been to a Play Street museum before? If not, what kind of fun things do you like to do with your toddlers? Leave a comment below and let me know!

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  1. I’ve never heard of the Play Street Museum, but it looks like a fun place for kids to play. I’d be interested in seeing the other Play Street themes as well. I wish we had one closer. Thank you for sharing.

  2. We love going to museums like this with fun play places for my daughter. We have some close but loving the doctors office at this one, she would love that!!

  3. We have a couple of places similar to this in Sacramento, California. Go to spots for our family also. What would we do as moms without these wonderful play places? =)

  4. We have the Strong Museum of Play here in Rochester, NY! Funny…your post just reminded me that for my senior group design project, my group chose to work on the offices for the local play museum. I haven’t thought about that in decades! Yes, I think the snack idea at the end is genius too!

  5. Oh my goodness!!!? This looks and sounds like such an amazing place!! I wish we had something like this near me in Michigan! We do have a Children’s Museum, which is somewhat similar, but it’s an hour away!!
    My son would love a place like this!!

  6. This place looks super ideal. We have a couple of places like this in our neck of the woods (California) but nothing quite the same with the ability to see your children at all times and the snack tokens. Genius for sure.

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