Boxed Yellow Cake Mix Recipes

Boxed Yellow Cake Mix Recipes

Using yellow cake mix is seriously one of my favorite cooking hacks. I love using a basic yellow cake mix to make the most delicious things. If you haven’t ever used yellow cake mix as a cooking shortcut, you have to check out this list of boxed yellow cake mix recipes.

I always stock up on yellow cake mix when it goes on sale at my local grocery store. There are just so many amazing recipes out there for boxed yellow cake mix!

Did you know you can also make more than just a cake with it too? Check out the awesome yellow cake mix recipes below to see what else you can make besides just a cake!

1. Yellow Cake Mix Banana Bread

yellow cake mix corn bread

If you are a fan of sweet corn bread then this yellow cake mix corn bread recipe is for you. I love making this with savory soup and chili recipes.

2. Yellow Cake Mix Blackberry Coffee Cake

yellow cake mix blackberry coffee cake recipe

We love going to our local pick your own blackberry farm to get fresh blackberries. Last time we went, my kids picked so many! This yellow cake mix blackberry coffee cake recipe was so easy to put together and everyone enjoyed it.

3. Yellow Cake Mix Peach Pie Coffee Cake

easy peach pie coffee cake

This yellow cake mix peach pie coffee cake is moist, not overly sweet and a tasty treat to serve your friends and family. I love to make this recipe for guests, potlucks, or cut it into slices and bring it for my neighbors to enjoy. This recipe is made beautifully in a bundt cake pan.

4. Yellow Cake Mix Banana Bread

Yellow Cake Mix Banana Bread

I’m a huge fan of making banana bread. If you haven’t noticed I’ve been adding more and more banana bread recipes to the blog. I love making this yellow cake mix banana bread recipe for friends and neighbors! I always get a ton of compliments on this banana bread recipe. It is also a super easy recipe.

5. Yellow Cake Mix Blackberry Peach Breakfast Bake

Yellow Cake Mix Breakfast Bake

This yellow cake breakfast bake is the perfect combination of oatmeal, cake, and fruit. It’s amazing to start your day with something warm and delicious. The consistency of this breakfast bake is more custardy than cake-like. The yellow cake mix also makes it a super easy recipe.

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Do you have any cooking hacks for using a boxed cake mix? If so, I’d love to hear about them in the comments section below! Happy baking, everyone.

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