Thrift Books Review

Thrift Books Review

I know what you’re thinking, why would I need to buy books when I have a library card where I can get books for free? Because I know if you’re like me, you’re thrifty and love to save money. Sometimes your library may not have the book you want or maybe you want a copy to keep forever. If you haven’t yet checked out my post on how to get free e-books and audiobooks, you should! If you haven’t heard of Thrift Books, let me tell you all about my experience with this Thrift Books review.

Well guys, I’m super thrifty but I’m also a big nerd. I absolutely love to read. In 2019, I read 43 books (many were audiobooks) and joined two book clubs. One book club is through my local stay at home mom play dates group and another is an online book club through a Facebook group. It’s been really good for my mom brain. My goal for this year is to read or listen to 50 books or audiobooks.

I’ve found that I have been able to use Thrift Books to find almost all the books that were out of print and not available through the Houston Public Library. The books cost less than used on Amazon! I was also able to purchase most of our Signing Time DVDs from Thrift Books for much less than anywhere else. We have absolutely loved the Signing Time DVDs. Learning American Sign Language as a family has been so much fun. I was also able to get my books for my adult ASL class for less than anywhere else on Thrift Books.

Our signing time dvd collection
As you can tell from our Signing Time DVD collection, we really like Thrift Books.

I love buying books for my children from The Book Bunder or from local thrift stores, but for specific titles, Thrift Books is the way to go. I ended up purchasing almost all of the Little Blue Truck books from Thrift Books since my oldest is obsessed. We are still reading Little Blue Truck but at least we can rotate through their series a little bit.

Another great thing about Thrift Books is their rewards system. Their rewards system is super simple to follow. There are two tiers of rewards depending on how much you spend with them within 12 months. I’ve added the tiers below: rewards system

Also, you can receive extra bonus points by downloading their app and making purchases through it. After every 500 points, you will receive a free book. Shipping is also free over $10 which makes ordering from them a great deal. Their prices are usually less than Amazon (yes, I’m talking about used Amazon books). I also love that you get rewards through their site.

So, if you need or want a book that isn’t available through your library then check out Thrift Books.

*All opinions are my own and I am not affiliated with Thrift Books.

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11 thoughts on “Thrift Books Review”

  1. I love the idea of thrifting for books. I have 6 Grandz who love to read. Around here where we live they have the “little library” where you get a book you give a book. Anything to keep our youth reading into adulthood.

  2. I haven’t heard of thrifrbooks before but I am definitely going to check them out now!! I love buying books but never want to pay full price. I usually get ours at library book sales for pretty cheap, but I’m sure they don’t have as big of a selection as thrift books would!

  3. I am part of 2 book clubs and need at least 2 books a month. This is useful and cost-saving to me. Thanks for sharing.

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