Toddler Busy Box

Dollar Tree Toddler Busy Box

I know what you’re thinking, there’s no way THIS box will work for MY toddler. My toddler runs circles around restaurants and refuses to sit still! Be wary if you may, but this box actually works. The secret to making the box work is to pick things that will stay in the box and only come out at restaurants. It won’t work forever but I usually get any where from 20 to 40 minutes out of my toddler now which is much better than the 5 minutes we’d get with just restaurant crayons.

Now that we have both a toddler and a baby, we have pared down our fine dining expectations to places like Mod Pizza and Zoe’s Kitchen which aren’t necessarily fast food but still pretty fast. This box helps a lot! We go in prepared, knowing what we want to order, set the kids up and then make sure our toddler has his busy box. Then he’s usually occupied until the food arrives and then we can all eat together.

This busy box, including the box itself is entirely from the Dollar Tree. Keep one in your car so you won’t forget it at home.

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