Valentine’s Day Alphabet Activity

Valentine's Day Alphabet Activity

I love making the alphabet fun to learn with my two sweet kids. My oldest picked up the alphabet incredibly quickly but my youngest is still working on her ABCs. That’s kids for you, though. Children learn at their own pace, just like how they learned to walk and talk at their own pace. I love making fun holiday themed worksheets for our homeschool preschool and I do think they are great at helping children become more familiar with their ABCs. I think this worksheet is great whether your child knows all of their letters or just a few. This Valentine’s Day alphabet activity is totally free and super easy to download. All you need is a set of dot stickers to do this fun alphabet activity.

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Valentine's Day Alphabet Activity

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be all about candy. This alphabet match up activity can make learning the alphabet super fun. I think this dot sticker activity is also great because kids can go at their own pace. If they know some of the letters, they can do those and then have a grown-up help. If your child doesn’t know very many letters then it’s a great way to sit down with your child and help them learn. You can also print several copies of this activity to repeat with your child. Repetition is great for helping children to learn. I’m a huge fan of alphabet activities and believe anything you can do is great, it helps them be more aware of the letters all around them!

Why dot stickers?

dot stickers image

Dot stickers are the perfect low mess and low prep activity. We have been having a ton of fun using dot stickers to do learning activities, arts and crafts, and we even made Christmas cards with them. I love the above dot stickers from Amazon because you get so many. There are also a ton of colors so you can pretty much use them for almost any project.

So whether you want to work on numbers, letters, or just have a little fun dot stickers are a great learning tool. Kids love them because they’re stickers. They won’t even know they’re learning or working on their hand-eye coordination.

What items are needed for this activity?

This activity is low prep and extremely easy to set up. To do this Valentine’s Day themed alphabet match up, you will need:

  • Dot stickers (preferably pink or red for Valentine’s Day)
  • A black pen
  • Free printable alphabet match up worksheet (see below)

Need to grab some dot stickers?

We love the below dot stickers from Amazon. We have had a ton of fun doing learning activities with them as well as super fun art projects.

How to do this activity

To do this activity print out the free alphabet printable below. Next, grab some stickers (preferably pink or red to keep with the Valentine’s Day theme) and write the alphabet on them using a permanent marker or black pen. Have your child match up the stickers to the letters on the sheet.

How to print this free dot sticker alphabet printable

To download and print this free printable simply click the download button below. Please remember, this worksheet is free for personal use only, no commercial reproduction of any kind is allowed. By downloading and printing, you agree to the above conditions.

Other helpful hints

As you’re doing this activity repeat the letters and have your child repeat the letters after you. I also found that the dot stickers we used were easy to peel off in case my kids got too excited and made a mistake. They were also big enough to easily be stuck on the paper by their little hands.

If your preschooler is having trouble with learning the alphabet, I highly recommend checking out this post on how to teach your child the ASL alphabet. The physical motion helps them to remember the letters much more quickly. Quite a few preschools use this method and it’s also great to start your child off with a second language. American Sign Language is such a beautiful and wonderful language to learn.

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Valentines Day Alphabet Activity with Dot Stickers

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