What do all the mom board abbreviations stand for?

what do all the mom board acronyms mean

Are you a new mom or mom to be and wondering what the heck do all the mom board abbreviations stand for? What or who is DD? What do you mean TTC? What does OPK mean? What does SIL mean? And what about BBT? What the heck is that?

Why join baby boards and mom groups?

You can honestly find a wealth of information and support. I have always found it really helpful to read the experiences of others and to also occasionally get advice from outsiders since they aren’t as biased as friends or family. Baby boards and mom groups are also a great way to pass time if you are ever put on bed rest while pregnant.

With that being said, I do have to mention that not every board or mom groups is a great fit. Most of the ones I have been in have been great but I remember one that was just plain awful. I ended up feeling a bit burned by baby boards back then but I tried a different one and found the other parents to be much nicer and much more helpful. Just like when you meet people in person, not everyone is a good fit for you to talk to. Keep trying until you find a group or board you mesh well with.

Knowing the lingo of the mom and baby boards and Facebook groups will also help a ton too. It gets confusing trying to figure out what people are talking about at first! It can be even more confusing if English isn’t your first language.

Well, what does it all mean?

Whether you are in Facebook groups, on baby boards, or just generally surfing the net I’m sure you’ll see these abbreviations. It’s like seeing a foreign language at first but I promise to give you the low down on what all these two, three, or even four letter acronyms and abbreviations stand for!


Stands for aunt flow aka a woman’s menstrual cycle or period.


AP stands for attachment parenting which is a parenting style which often includes extended breastfeeding and co-sleeping.


Before baby, meaning what life was like or what you did before having a baby.


BBT stands for basal body temperature which a woman may track in order to conceive faster.


Before becoming a mom, I always thought BC meant Before Christ but for the purpose of mom boards and baby groups on Facebook it means birth control.


BD usually means baby dance (sex) when talking about trying to conceive. It could also mean baby daddy.


BF could stand for breastfeeding or it could could also mean boyfriend or best friend depending on the context.


I’m not sure how or why the “fat” came in but I’ve seen this abbreviation used a lot. It means big fat negative pregnancy test.


Again, I’m not sure who started saying big fat positive pregnancy test but it’s a “thing” now.


BIL means brother-in-law.


BLW stands for baby led weaning. Baby led weaning is a method for transitioning babies to solid food. Baby led weaning encourages parents to give babies soft finger foods instead of purees.


BM stands for breast milk or it could also mean bowel movement. If you’re a mom to be, they’re probably referring to their baby’s bowel movement and not their own!


I’m old enough to remember CD players but in this case CD stands for cloth diapers.


CIO can be controversial at times so it’s important to know what it means. CIO stands for cry it out which is part of the cry it out method.


Ah, the joys of tracking your fertility and trying to conceive. CM stands for cervical mucus.


CS stands for cesarean section.


DA stands for dairy allergy which is a pain to deal with if you’re breastfeeding or if your child has one.


DC is another term of endearment and stands for dear child


If you’re wondering what DD means, it means dear daughter.


This one is a sweet and endearing one it means dear fiancée.


Another term of endearment, DH stands for dear husband.


Catching on yet? DS stands for dear son.


DSD stands for dear step daughter.


DSS stands for dear step son.


EBF stands for exclusively breastfed.


Wondering what EDD stands for? EDD means estimated due date.


EP stands for exclusively pumping which a lot of moms must do or have found easier than breastfeeding at the breast due to latch issues.


ETA isn’t estimated time of arrival but means edited to add. Often times posters will come back to add more information if people are confused or need more information to give advice.


If you think FF means fast forward, you’re wrong. It means formula fed.


You may have also heard FIL before but if not it means father in law.


If you’re wondering what FTM means it stands for first time mom.


This is a long one but I wanted to mention HELLP. HELLP is a rare form of pre-eclaympsia that I actually suffered from with my second child. It is worth knowing and reading up on. I won’t go into too much detail on this list.


IMO or IMHO means in my opinion or in my humble opinion which I feel like adds a degree of politeness to online conversations.


IUI stands for intrauterine insemination.


IVF refers to in vitro fertilization.


LC is often used to refer to a lactation consultant.


LD or L&D stands for labor and delivery meaning the labor and delivery unit at the hospital.


LO is a sweet way to refer to one’s baby or child it means little one. You will see LO a lot!


MC is a very important abbreviation to know. It stands for miscarriage.


If you’re wondering what MIL means it stands for mother in law.


MS stands for morning sickness in mom’s groups and on baby boards.


Another term of endearment, ODD stands for oldest dear daughter.


ODS means oldest dear son.


OP stands for original poster. This term can be helpful to figure out who people are referring to if they get off track or off subject.


I had never heard of OPK before joining these mom and baby boards. OPK means ovulation predictor kit.


PG is an easy one it means pregnant.


Wondering what PPA means? It stands for postpartum anxiety.


PPD goes hand in hand with PPA. PPD stands for postpartum depression.


Pre-e is short for pre-eclaympsia which can be a serious medical disorder in pregnancy usually occurring in the third trimester. I won’t dive in too deep here about it but it usually has to do with high blood pressure.


RF stands for rear facing when referring to car seats.


SAHD refers to stay at home dad.


You guessed it, SAHM stands for stay at home mom.


You may have heard SIL before it stands for sister in law.


I wish I could have used this acronym more when my kids were babies. It means sleeping through the night. My first child didn’t STTN until 11 months and my second didn’t start SSTN until 15 months!


Above there was FTM (first time mom) and now we’re on STM which means second time mom.


Another term of endearment meaning significant other.


TTC means trying to conceive.


TTM stands for third time mom.


While, the US normally means the United States on mom and baby boards it usually means ultrasound.


To me, VBAC kind of sounds like a car model but it really means vaginal birth after cesarean section.


WAHM means work at home mom.


Another endearing acronym, YDD means youngest dear daughter.


YDS stands for youngest dear son.

Well, I hope I have provided you with some clarification on all those crazy acronyms and abbreviations used in baby groups and on mom boards! Do you have any others you’d like to add to the list? Are there any that you still don’t know? Be sure to leave a comment below!

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what do all the mom board abbreviations stand for
what do all the mom board abbreviations stand for

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