Fall Dot Marker Printables

Fall Dot Marker Printables

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I love fall so much! It is my favorite season and I’m so very happy that my kids are loving fall too. Not only have we been enjoying the cooler weather and all the pumpkin treats but we’ve been doing so many fun fall crafts and activities. Something we really love are dot markers and I’m so glad to share these fall dot marker printables with you. They are totally free and super easy to download.

These fall dot marker printables are great for homeschool preschool, a preschool or daycare classroom, or just for some fun at home. They are perfect to do if your kids are bored or if it’s rainy weather outside.

What are dot markers?

Dot markers or do-a-dots are kind of like bingo dobbers. The markers are easy to grip with a round sponge tip at the end filled with paint. They are super easy for toddlers and preschoolers to use. They aren’t very messy and they don’t really require much set up besides printing out some dot marker pages. Don’t you love low prep and low mess activities for kids? I know that I do.

My kids will dot away for at least twenty minutes at a time which is a really long time for a toddler and a preschooler. It is so nice to have a low prep and low mess activity to pull out for them, especially on rainy days.

Dot markers or dot stickers?

We love both dot markers and dot stickers. This printable works for both dot stickers or dot markers.

Where can I buy dot markers?

My kids love our dot markers from Amazon. Here are some recommendations:

Are dot markers educational?

Dot markers can be educational. While dotting kids are practicing their hand eye coordination, learning about colors, and learning about the theme of what they are dobbing at. Dot markers are great for working on fine motor skills.

What’s in this printable?

This printable includes five pages of fun fall themed objects including an acorn, a leaf, a maple leaf, a pumpkin, and an apple.

How to download and print the printable

To download and print these fall themed dot marker worksheets simply click the black download button. The file will download as a PDF for you to print. This printable is for personal and single classroom use only. No commercial reproduction of any kind is allowed.

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Fall Dot Marker Printables

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