Free ASL Numbers Coloring Pages

Free ASL Numbers Coloring Pages

We have really enjoyed learning American Sign Language (ASL) together as a family. It has become a major part of our homeschool preschool curriculum. These free ASL numbers coloring pages are great for teaching preschoolers or young children the signs for the ASL numbers 1-9.

This free ASL numbers coloring pages printable is easy to download and print out. There is no sign up required to print these ASL numbers coloring sheets.

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Learning numbers 1-9 in ASL

These coloring sheets are a great way to learn about numbers and learn the sign for numbers 1-9 in ASL.

Why should preschoolers learn ASL?

I think ASL is a great language for children to learn. According to this post from Educational Playcare there are some fantastic benefits for children who are learning ASL including:

  • +12 IQ point advantage
  • Accelerated speech and emotional development
  • Reinforcement of learning of educational concepts such as ABC’s, animals, and other specific themes
  • Helps children remember words because there is muscle memory involved, and the more senses involved in learning, the greater memory retention the child will have
  • Improves attentiveness to social gestures of others as well as of themselves
  • Larger speaking vocabulary and ability to form longer sentences
  • Earlier reading and larger reading vocabulary

How to download

To download and print this free printable simply click the black download button below. It will download as a PDF file for you to print. This printable is for personal and single classroom use only. No commercial reproduction is allowed.

Looking for some other great ASL resources? We love these below and we also love using our twistable crayons for coloring pages.

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Free ASL Numbers Coloring Pages
Free ASL Numbers Coloring Pages

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