Free Printable Playdough Alphabet Mats

Printable Playdough Alphabet Mats

These totally free printable playdough alphabet mats make learning ABCs so much fun. Learning the alphabet is so important for preschoolers and exposing children to the alphabet and letters through play is a great way to help them learn.

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My kids are totally obsessed with playdough. We do playdough almost every day and for Christmas I was looking for a few playdough related toys and accessories for them. I was surprised to see that there weren’t a lot of educational playdough toys (although we did get some fun ones and one really messy one). I wanted to make these playdough mats to help my youngest become more familiar with the letters of the alphabet. I love designing activities around books, toys, themes, animals or really whatever my children are interested in! It makes learning so much easier and they get totally engaged in the learning.

The Benefits of Play Dough Alphabet Mats

I love these super fun playdough mats because they are very hands on. Not only are children exposed to seeing the letters but they are working on their fine motor skills. They are also learning in a very relaxed and playful manner. I prefer to do these mats one letter at time and they are great if your child needs to work mastering a certain letter. Another fun idea for these mats would be to do the phonics sounds along with the letter while doing these.

Easy for parents or teachers

These alphabet playdough mats are easy peasy for parents or preschool teachers to prep. These are so easy to print out, laminate (or use a sheet protector), and then break out the playdough. I love doing all kinds of crafts and activities with my kiddos but sometimes I just need something easy to pull out on a rainy day or a day where I’m not feeling so energetic. These are an easy and low prep activity.

How to reuse these free printables {two ways}

Printable Playdough Alphabet Mats

You can reuse these mats by either laminating them or by using sheet protectors. Amazon has some great laminators for home use but sheet protectors are also super easy and can also be reused for other printables as well.

How to use these ABC playdough mats

To use these alphabet playdough mats, first print and then laminate or put the sheets in a page protector. Have your child either roll the playdough to form a line or smush the playdough into the letter. These printables include both uppercase and lowercase for each letter.

How to print these alphabet playdough mats

To download and print these free printable mats click the black download button below. Please remember that this printable is free for personal use only, no commercial reproduction of any kind is allowed.

Be sure that you select the landscape option for your printer while printing these out. These mats are in black and white.

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Printable Playdough Alphabet Mats

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  1. My daughter loves playdough. I’ve never thought to use it like this, can’t wait to use these mats to help her learn her abcs!

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