Toddler Feelings Learning Activity

Toddler Feelings Learning Activity

I love this toddler feelings learning activity. As one mom in my learning play dates group pointed out, it is extremely important to talk about feelings with our toddlers. As important as it is, whenever they’re throwing tantrums or being wild it can sometimes slip our mind. I’ve been working more and more with my two toddlers on talking about feelings. I think it has helped a lot when things don’t go their way. This toddler feelings learning activity is a great way for your little one to learn about feelings.

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toddler feelings learning activity

For this activity you will need toilet paper tubes, a marker, construction paper, toddler safety scissors, and the book Feelings by Sarah Jenkins (or really, any book about feelings).

This toddler feelings learning activity includes a fine motor skill with safety scissors. The toddler safety scissors pictured are by Melissa and Doug and aren’t sharp at all. They are made totally out of plastic and only work on paper which is awesome. They are perfect for toddlers who are learning how to cut. I would recommend using something similar to ensure safety.

I chose the book Feelings by Sarah Jenkins but really, any book about feelings will work! We read the book and talked about the different feelings we have and how we can work through them. We also worked on making some different faces such as happy, sad, and shy as well as just some silly faces. The book goes through six different feelings happy, sad, grumpy, excited, scared, and shy.

To make the toilet paper tubes, draw the faces and then roll a sheet of construction paper in the tube. You can have your toddler trim it to create crazy hair or you can trim it and have your toddler give everyone a new hair cut. This is a great activity to help your child develop fine motor skills.

Not only was this activity super fun but it was also very inexpensive. I already had markers, construction paper, safety scissors, and toilet paper tubes. If you are able to check the book out from your local library that would also be a great option but it wasn’t available at mine so I went through Amazon.

Need to grab the book, safety scissors, or construction paper?

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Toddler Feelings Learning Activity

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  1. Getting your child used to talking about their feelings is so important! And not to mention the healthy expression of those feelings!

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