Valentine’s Day ASL Activity

We have had a lot of fun learning ASL together as a family and with our homeschool preschool group. When it’s my turn to host our homeschool preschool group I usually want to include a few signs for us to learn and an activity. With Valentine’s Day, I thought it would be fun for the children to learn the sign in American Sign Language for, “I love you” and then have fun coloring this page in. There is no sign up required to download and print this Valentine’s Day ASL activity. It is 100% free!

If you don’t know ASL, don’t worry! The sign for, “I love you” is actually commonly seen but I will give some directions below, just in case. Signing is such a wonderful way to tell someone you love them. Learning American Sign Language is amazing, it is such a beautiful language and Deaf culture is very important to learn about.

How to sign, “I love you” in American Sign Language

You might accidentally do the hook ’em horns or rock on (non-ASL signs) when you first try this sign. If you do, you’re close! Pull your middle finger and ring finger down and keep your thumb extended as well as your pinky and pointer. Your hand will be facing outwards and not inwards to yourself.

How to do this activity

To do this activity, first begin with learning the sign for “I love you.” Next, have your child color in and decorate their printable with crayons, paint, markers, or stickers.

How to download the Valentine’s Day ASL printable

To download and print this ASL Valentine’s Day activity click the black download button. The file will download as a PDF to print. This printable is for personal and single classroom use only. No commercial reproduction of any kind is allowed.

It’s always so fun to see everyone’s creations be sure to share them on Instagram and tag me (twopinkpeonies) so that I can see!

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Valentine's Day ASL Activity

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    1. That is so awesome! I have taken a few classes to become an ASL interpreter (hence the ASL activities I have) but I put my classes on hold with 2020/COVID. Now it looks like we will be moving to Arizona so I’ll have to wait until after the move to get started again and see if they have a similar program there. Any way- I love hearing from others who are passionate about sharing this beautiful language! Thank you for stopping by.

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