Fun Shape Tracing Activity with Chalkola

Fun Shape Tracing Activity with Chalkola

Recognizing shapes is an important part of our homeschool preschool curriculum. It is also a fundamental part of preschool and kindergarten. Both knowing shapes and tracing are two very important pre-writing activities. I decided to combine our shapes lesson with our super fun Chalkola chalkboard and chalk markers! This fun shape tracing activity also includes a totally free printable below.

I did receive a package of markers from Chalkola in exchange for this post, but this post is 100% my own honest thoughts and feelings about the product. I would never endorse anything I did not personally like or use.

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About Chalkola

Chalkola makes chalk markers, chalk boards, dot markers, and a lot of other super cool stuff. I personally think they are awesome for homeschool preschool but I also use our Chalkola chalkboard and chalk markers to write bible verses, for Christmas and other holiday messages, and for any other fun that comes to mind.

To use the markers shake them while they are capped for about thirty seconds or so. Press the tip down a few times to get the ink flowing on a scratch piece of paper and then you’re good to go. You can then use them on your chalkboard to write or draw whatever you want.

Using Chalkola to learn shapes

We had a fun time learning about shapes with Chalkola! We did this fun shapes preschool activity by drawing the outline of all the shapes on our Chalkola board. Next, we had the kids practice on the worksheet (you can print yours below). After they practiced, they all picked a shape to trace and fill in on the board.

We went over stars, circles, rectangles, squares, triangles, and hearts for our lesson. We left our chalkboard up for the week and talked about all the shapes whenever we saw it. It was a great reminder since all the colors are so vibrant and bright.

Fun Shape Tracing Activity with Chalkola

Download your free shapes tracing printable

To download your free shapes tracing printable simply click on the black download button below to print the PDF. This is printable is free for personal use only.

Chalkola and homeschool preschool

Chalkola chalk markers are a super fun investment for someone planning to do homeschool preschool. There are so many fun colors and you can use them for many other lessons besides just shapes. They make learning so fun with their vibrant colors.

Investing in Chalkola chalk markers and a board would be great to do other lessons such as the alphabet, numbers, or to use as a focus board in your homeschool preschool classroom.

Need to grab some supplies for this lesson?

Be sure to use the discount code “CHALKOLA10” on Amazon!

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  1. I’ve never heard of Chalkola, but it looks like a lot of fun. My 5 year old is learning to write, so she would love that.

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