Noah’s Ark Craft for Toddlers

Noah's Ark Craft for Toddlers

This Noah’s ark craft is perfect for some fun at home, VBS, for a Sunday school or preschool classroom. This Noah’s ark craft for toddlers is the perfect way for children to learn about the story of Noah.

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Teaching toddlers about Noah and the ark

Noah was a very Godly man who lived in evil times. God told Noah to build a giant ark even though it seemed outrageous! People laughed at Noah but he followed what God had told him to do anyway. He was told to bring a pair of every animal on earth plus seven pairs of animals man would need. It rained and rained but God kept Noah and his family safe on the ark. Eventually the rain stopped and the water went down.

God was pleased with Noah and promised to never flood the earth again, no matter how bad people are. He gave Noah a sign using a beautiful rainbow to show this promise.

How to do the Noah’s ark activity

To do this Noah’s ark activity, print the sheet below. Have your child color in the ark and the ocean and then have them add two of every animal by using animal stickers. We used these stickers because there were a lot of pairs in the book and we wanted to do two of every animal to go with the lesson.

Download the free Noah’s ark for toddlers printable

To download and print this free printable simply click the black download button below. It will download as a PDF file for you to print. Note that this file is landscape to allow more room for the stickers.

Need to grab the stickers or crayons for this activity?

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Noah's Ark Sticker Activity printable
Noah's Ark Craft for Toddlers

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