The Rainbow Fish Preschool Activity

The Rainbow Fish Preschool Activity

The Rainbow Fish was one of my absolute favorite books when I was child. I was so excited to read it to my children and share the book’s beautiful message. It makes so happy that this book is still a preschool staple. I am a firm believer that creating an activity or lesson out of a favorite book is a great way to encourage your child’s learning. Now, onto the Rainbow Fish preschool activity.

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I love the Rainbow Fish’s beautiful design. It’s also kind of a lengthy book, so if you have a young preschooler or a toddler the board book version may be a better option for this activity since it is a shorter version of the story.

I did this activity with my homeschool preschool group but this activity is also great for moms who want to do a craft with their child. It is also a fun activity for preschool teachers in the classroom. It’s also great since it is a fairly simple and low prep activity.

Not only is The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister an absolutely beautiful book but I also love the message of this book. To me, this book is about both friendship and sharing. We began by the activity by reading the book. Next, we talked about how it’s important to share with our friends and be kind to our friends.

To make the fish craft, first cut a triangle out of a paper plate. Next have your preschooler color or paint their plate including the triangle you cut out. Next, tape the tail on the plate and let them decorate their plate to make their very own rainbow fish by using dot stickers. After they’re done, add the eye with some glue. Please use caution with the eyes if doing this craft with smaller children or preschoolers since they are a choking hazard.

Need to grab the book or any of the other supplies for this Rainbow Fish preschool activity?

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The Rainbow Fish Preschool Activity
The Rainbow Fish Preschool Activity

5 thoughts on “The Rainbow Fish Preschool Activity”

  1. I remember my little sister being obsessed with it! (30 years ago, lol) It’s a great one. This looks like a fun activity 🙂

    1. Looks like a very creative and productive activity to engage with your kids. Mine is too young now for this but once he grow up a little more,I’ll definitely do this with him.

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