Ocean Activity for Preschoolers

Ocean Activity for Preschoolers

We recently did ALL the ocean preschool crafts with our homeschool preschool group. It is getting so hot here in Texas that anything indoors and anything we can do to keep these preschoolers busy is a win!

We are super lucky to have our very own homeschool preschool group. If you’re not a homeschool preschooler, no worries! This ocean activity for preschoolers is great in a classroom, on rainy afternoons, or for parents who want to add some learning into their child’s day.

I have a post all about how to start a homeschool preschool group if you’re interested in learning more.

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About our ocean lesson

We read the book Hello, World! Ocean Life by Jill McDonald. The book isn’t too long but covers a lot of different ocean creatures. It was perfect for our group which consists of 2.5 and 3 year olds. It is also a really beautiful and eye catching book.

We talked about the different ocean life that we saw in the book. Then we asked:

  • Has anyone been to the ocean before?
  • What was your favorite creature from the ocean?

We also learned how to sign fish using American Sign Language. The kids had fun doing the fish sign with each other. It was an easy sign for them to quickly pick up.

How to do the crafts for this lesson

How to do the jellyfish craft

To do the jellyfish craft cut a few rectangles out of a piece of construction paper. Have your child use child safety scissors to cut straight lines for the tentacles. Tape to the inside of a cupcake liner and add googly eyes.

Please be sure to use caution with the googly eyes if you’re doing this project with very young toddlers since they may pose a choking hazard. We used these safety scissors so the kids could cut the tentacles.

How to do the fish craft

To do the fish portion of the craft, cut a small triangle out of one side of a paper plate. Let your child color, paint, and decorate the plate and the triangle. Attach the triangle with tape on the end of the paper plate so it looks like a fish and then add the googly eye.

How to do the octopus craft

Color a toilet paper or paper towel tube with crayons or paint. We opted for crayons since they aren’t as messy. Have your child scribble or paint the tube until it is completely colored. Once they were done coloring, I cut the “arms” on the bottom and added the googly eyes for each child.

Need to grab the book or any of the other supplies for this ocean activity for preschoolers?

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Ocean Activity for Preschoolers
Ocean Activity for Preschoolers
Ocean Activity for Preschoolers

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