Valentine’s Day Tracing Worksheets

Valentine's Day Tracing Worksheets

These Valentine’s Day tracing worksheets are fantastic for preschoolers or prewriters who are developing their fine motor skills. I’ve said it before but Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be all about candy and giving out Valentine’s Day cards, you can also squeeze some learning in! These worksheets are fantastic for young learners who are preschool or kindergarten age. There is no sign up of any kind required to download these Valentine’s Day worksheets.

There are three different printables to choose from below. There is a Valentine’s Day heart tracing worksheet with one large heart, another worksheet with several smaller hearts, as well as a numbers tracing worksheet that features the numbers 1-10 . I think doing the worksheets in this order is great. If your child is comfortable with tracing they might find the large heart a great way to warm up. You can also use it to gauge if your child is ready to do the other worksheets.

A note about doing tracing

Tracing is great for working on prewriting skills but don’t worry if your child doesn’t perfectly follow the lines. They are still learning just by seeing and recognizing the shapes and numbers. They are also developing their fine motor skills every time they hold a pencil or crayon. You can also have your child color in the different hearts on these printables.

Great for parents or preschool teachers

These Valentine’s day themed worksheets for preschoolers are great whether you are learning at home for fun, are a preschool teacher in a classroom setting, or are doing homeschool preschool with your child. Having a few worksheets on hand that go with Valentine’s Day is always fun.

Why should children practice tracing?

Tracing is an important prewriting activity that can also help children develop their fine motor skills. According to Help My Kid Learn, “Learning to write by hand takes every child a long time and lots of practice. A large part of it has to do with gaining control over the arm, hand and finger movements that are necessary to form numbers and letters. Tracing can help your child practice the skills necessary for writing.” While worksheets aren’t the end all be all of learning, they can most certainly be a helpful tool.

Valentine’s Day Heart Tracing Worksheet

Valentine's Day Tracing Worksheets
Grab the PDF below.

This Valentine’s Day heart tracing printable is large enough for beginner prewriters or great for using as a warm up sheet.

Valentine’s Day Lots of Hearts Tracing Worksheet

Valentine's Day Tracing Worksheets
Grab the PDF below.

The second worksheet in this set features several smaller hearts for your child to trace.

Valentine’s Day Numbers Tracing Worksheet

Valentine's Day Tracing Worksheets
Grab the PDF below.

The last worksheet in this Valentines themed set features numbers 1-10.

How to download the worksheets

To download and print these free tracing printables simply click the download button below. They will be downloaded as PDFs. These worksheets are free for personal use only, no commercial reproduction of any kind is allowed.

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