Homeschool Preschool Bird Activity

homeschool preschool bird activity

Does anyone else have trouble keeping their kids entertained? I know I do. I’m lucky to be part of a great homeschool preschool group. We recently did this homeschool preschool bird activity together. The kids loved making the pine cone bird feeders. Our group is made up of 2 1/2 and 3 year olds. I was worried they wouldn’t be old enough for the activity, but they were. Just be careful and keep a close eye on young children when making this craft.

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About this lesson

For this homeschool preschool bird activity, we read the book Birds by Jill McDonald. I decided to incorporate signing into our activity. Although there are a ton of different birds in this book, we learned the signs in American Sign Language for bird, sky, tree, rooster, duck, peacock, and owl. I didn’t want to go over their heads since some of the signs might have been too hard for toddlers.

If you don’t want to include signing, no worries. Another thing we talked about was how different all the birds looked and how they were different sizes.


I also printed out several free coloring sheets from the Coloring Folder. They have a ton of bird related coloring sheets which is perfect for this preschool bird activity. It was a great transition to go back inside after everyone did their craft.

Bird feeder craft

Finally, we got a little messy outside and made our own pine cone bird feeders!

homeschool preschool bird activity

To make the pine cone bird feeders you will need:

  • pine cones
  • string
  • peanut butter
  • disposable utensils
  • bird seed
  • scissors

If you have a group be sure to include plastic bags or maybe small cardboard boxes so that they can transport the feeders home without making a mess. I also brought some baby wipes which came in handy.

If you are doing this toddler bird activity with smaller toddlers be sure to use caution with the supplies. Plastic bags, peanut butter, bird seed, and string could all be a choking hazard and no one should be running off the scissors.

To make the feeders, cut some string and tie it around either the top or bottom of the pine cone. Use a utensil to spread peanut butter on the cone and then roll it in bird seed.

Pine cone bird feeder
homeschool preschool bird activity

The kids loved this toddler bird activity, especially the bird feeders. Some squirrels ended up running off with a few when some of the kids got home, but they were still just as thrilled that a squirrel took something they made. It was super cute!

The supplies for this activity aren’t that complicated and you don’t need a ton of items. You can easily grab them on Amazon below:

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homeschool preschool bird activity
homeschool preschool bird activity

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