Halloween Secret Code Worksheet

Halloween secret code worksheet

Don’t you just love fall? I know I do! One of my favorite things about fall is Halloween. If you want to get your kiddos (or your classroom) in the Halloween spirit then have some fun with this printable Halloween secret code worksheet. This worksheet has a secret message that kids have to figure out how to decode. Each number represents a letter and they’ll have to figure out what the phrase is using the code. This activity is super easy to print and download with no sign up of any kind required.

Great for parents or teachers

This fun Halloween secret code worksheet is great whether you are looking for an activity to do with your kids at home, are a teacher in a classroom setting, or are doing homeschool with your children. Having a few worksheets to go along with what you’re teaching is always a good idea.

How to do this worksheet

First print off this worksheet using the instructions below. Next, you can have your child color the pumpkin and work with them on the decoding. Each number represents a letter so have your child go number by number until they spell out the secret message.

How to print this Halloween secret code worksheet

To download and print this free printable simply click the download button below. This worksheet is free for personal use only, no commercial reproduction of any kind is allowed.

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